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Kemps Organic Milk in the Dairy Department at Festival Foods
kemps and cereal

Hopefully you already know that we really dig all things local at Festival Foods. And as a Wisconsin-based company, as you might guess, we're big fans of dairy and Kemps (especially when it's in a milkshake like this recipe).

Kemps organic

So color us excited about bringing Kemps Organic Milk to shelves in our store across Wisconsin! Our friends at Kemps are dedicated to sourcing milk from local family farms. And bonus: ALL of Kemps Organic Milk comes from organic dairy farms in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.  

Kemps Organic Milk is locally sourced from nearby family owned farms. Like us at Festival Foods, Kemps is proud of its Midwest heritage. It's company proud of the farms in the region who work hard every day to bring you the fresh, high quality milk to your family. 

Kemps family farm

And because Kemps source and sell locally, their milk goes from the farm to you, faster.

Look for Kemps Organic Milk in the dairy department at your local Festival Foods! 


kemps organic milk


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