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Festival Foods

It’s Paczki Time!
Paczki, pronounced PUNCH-key, are Polish jelly-filled doughnuts, traditionally served just prior to Lent. Festival Foods will begin selling paczki in 6 and 12 count packages on Friday, Feb 1.   All Festival Foods stores will have our annual Paczki day on Fat Tuesday, which is February11, 2013. Free samples will be available from 7am-3pm! What’s a Paczki? Paczki are flattened sphere-shaped deep-fried dough pieces that are filled with lemon, plum, cherry, and other flavored jam. The paczki are finished with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. They may be iced or uniced. Traditional paczki were not filled, but the recipe has changed over the years to give us the variety we have today. What’s the story behind Paczki’s? Paczki Day precedes the beginning of Lent, and the baking of paczki is traditionally a way to use up all of the fat, sugar, and fruit in the house--things forbidden during the strict Polish Lenten season. In Poland, Paczki Day, the day when all of the last paczki are consumed is the Thursday before Ash Wednesday but in Wisconsin we hold can’t wait until Thursday for these treats so we eat them on Fat Tuesday! Can I make them at home? Yes, you can make these at home but paczki are notoriously difficult to make and inexpensive to buy. Even the most traditional Polish grandmothers have been spotted buying paczki at Festival Foods, perhaps even passing them off as their own secret recipe.  Our bakers will be frying all night and day to give you the freshest possible treat.  We will have individual paczki as well as 6 and 12 pack boxes.  If you want to be a hero at the office, call ahead and place your order- we will have them ready and waiting for you.
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