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Festival Foods

Inventory Week!


What a week! If you visited one of our stores on October 26th, 27th or 28th you may have noticed a few things that looked a little different or out of place. Twice a year we have our ENTIRE store inventoried and counted. What does that entail you ask? It means we count every item in our store! It doesn’t matter if it’s on the shelf, in the backroom or in our overwraps (the area above our shelves)… everything gets counted. That’s roughly 37,000 items in the Grocery/Frozen/Dairy departments alone! The process involves a lot of hard work and planning by every member of our team. Here’s a snapshot of what it takes to get things ready:

  • A week or two prior to the inventory we start the process of getting ready by straightening and leveling all items you see above the shelves in our grocery aisles. We condense and re-stack like items to maximize our storage capacity. By doing this it makes for easy and accurate counting.
  • Our Frozen/Dairy teams do the same as above but they have the joy of working in the freezer and coolers. It’s the same procedure, but just colder working conditions!
  • We level off all the pallets from the backroom or stack them into the overwraps. Our overnight crew is responsible for most of this stacking while most of us are fast asleep.
  • This next part is what many of you may have noticed. On the day of “the count” we push back all product and clean the shelving. (Being a clean store is part of our mission statement and we actually do a full shelf clean four times a year.) You may also notice that we normally “face our store” each and every night. “Facing” means we bring each product to the “lip” of the shelf to make it have a nice billboard effect.
  • Each store has an inventory company come in and count the items that are on the shelf. Festival Foods associates count all backroom and overwraps.
  • Thank you to our guests who may have wondered what was going on in the store with “inventory counted” sheets hanging or product pushed back on the shelf. We pride ourselves with being in tip-top shape every day and this is one of the few days a year that we look a little different. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • I know the amount of effort each one of our associates puts in getting things ready and it feels so good when you get everything organized and cleaned. My hat’s off to all of our associates who worked extra hours to help get things ready. I appreciate you all greatly!

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