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Imagine saving 12% on your grocery bill every week!


Shoppers today are looking for new, creative ways to save money.  I’m going to let you in on a secret – private label products are a great way to save a bundle.

Private label is just a different way of saying store brand.  I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not buying dented, rusted cans with those boring black and white labels”.  The good news is that times have changed and Festival’s private label, Flavorite, can be found throughout our stores in great looking packages containing high quality products.   There are many reasons that we can offer our Flavorite products at prices much lower prices than the national brands, including the fact we don’t spend $3 million on commercials during the Super Bowl or pay Nascar drivers to drink our soft drinks after a race.  Did you know that our Flavorite products are sometimes made at the same manufacturing facilities as those more expensive national brand items?  That’s right, same product in a different package.  I challenge you to compare the ingredient lists on a national brand item and our Flavorite item and see if you can tell the difference – I bet you can’t.

Customers can save, on average, 12% when they purchase private label brand items over the comparable national brand items.  Imagine saving 12% on your grocery bill every week!

We know that Festival guests already enjoy saving money by purchasing our Flavorite eggs, butter, white bread and sugar; but with more than 1,700 Flavorite brand products throughout our store there are so many more ways to save!  So next time you visit your friendly Festival Foods store, look for our Flavorite brand items in every aisle and let the savings begin!

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