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How to Choose the Best Oranges


California navel oranges are back in season and back on the shelves at Festival! You can expect to see them now through the month of May.

There are plenty of reasons to buy navel oranges. First of all, they are juicy, sweet and pack a good dose of Vitamin C to help keep the common cold away. Also, they’re seedless unlike Valencia oranges, so they make a great snack for kids. Lastly, they’re easier to peel than other oranges and the slices separate easily making them especially great for when you’re on the go.

When choosing an orange, it’s best to pick one that feels heavy for its size. That usually is a good way to determine a very juicy orange. Also, be sure to look for your fruit to have no soft spots and a bright orange coloring.

Cheer up the long winter ahead of you with delicious California navel oranges from Festival!

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