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Festival Foods

Hiring the Right People


As we get ready to open our 17th Festival Foods store in Neenah later this year, it got me thinking of how many people we will be hiring prior to opening.

It typically takes 200-225 associates to open a new store which reminded me of a scenario that seems to happen more and more as I get older. I bet all of us can recall a time where we have been part of a conversation where the topic turns to “the kids these days.” I just love it when I walk into a discussion like this. I often sit quietly for a minute or two and listen to everyone paste our kids for how lazy, inconsiderate and disrespectful they are these days. Nobody in these conversations ever seems to defend our youth… but I do!

It’s always fun to see a new group of “kids” training to work at Festival

I immediately jump to their defense and invite all of the negative nay-sayers to come visit a Festival Foods store to see hundreds of young people serving, smiling, working hard and engaging our guests. The group usually grows quiet at this point and then the conversation shifts to “Where do you find these good kids?” I simply state “they are all around us.” You just have to look and have an open mind that kids these days are good kids. I explain to them that “we don’t train kids to be nice; we hire nice kids to train.” Now I am not naïve that the credit needs to go to the parents who raised them. We win in this business because we put great emphasis on hiring the right people. So the next time you get into one of those conversations about “the kids these days” please interject and offer to take them to Festival.

Gotta love the smiling faces!

If you are interested in becoming a Festival Foods associate either at one of our existing locations or at the new Neenah store, go to and click on the employment link.

There is always something fun to do when you are a Festival Associate!

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