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Here’s to summer and the many choices which it provides!


Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Festival Beer Blog!  While the weather can’t seem to make up its mind as to whether (or weather) it is Winter, Spring, or Summer, many of your favorite craft beers are helping you prepare or pretend that summer has arrived!  Many of the much anticipated summer seasonal craft brews are now in-stock!  I would like to share with the craft beer drinker that Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is once again available in our stores AT THIS VERY MOMENT!  This summertime favorite is a blend of select malted wheat and barley, lemonade flavor, and a hint of WI honey and is a perfect summertime meal pairing with spicy and robust grilling dishes, as well as, most summertime salads!

With the introduction of the craft cans to the marketplace you can bring some of your favorite brews to the many outdoor activities that happen during the summer (boating, tailgating, picnics) without having to worry about the dreaded “bottle” aspect.  Some of your favorites like Leinenkugel’s Honey, Berry and Summer Shandy as well as Leinenkugels new Explorer pack would make a fine addition to your summer activities.  Blue Moon, Capital Supper Club and New Belgium’s Fat Tire are just a few of your other choices available in this ever growing category.

Summer is the season of the early sunrise and the late sunset. The season of grilling, camping or just hanging out on a deck. The season of you being in your happy place. The perfect season for Thunder River—a new line of craft beer from SKS Estates carried exclusively by Festival Foods. Proudly made by Green Bay Brewing Company, the line consists of three varieties: Honey Wheat, Amber and Pale Ale.  Stop by your local Festival Foods Wine and Spirits department and pick up a six pack today and see what the buzz is all about.  Thunder River—a place where good times, great food and remarkable beer make for not just a happy place but a perfect one. For more information on this truly great beer, visit Thunder River Beer dot com.

Here’s to summer and the many choices which it provides!

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