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Have you seen B.O.B. lately?


B.O.B. who? You see and use B.O.B. while shopping all the time. Did you know that B.O.B. accounts for a little over 9% or $58,000* of an average supermarket shrink losses each year? The B.O.B. that I am referencing is not a person but rather is an acronym for “Bottom of the Basket”.

At Skogen’s Festival Foods, we have a Bottom of the Basket policy which means that all items on the bottom of the cart and in the cart must be removed, scanned and either bagged or have an orange Festival security sticker applied before being returned to the cart.

I realize that at times B.O.B. can be difficult, especially if you have several heavy or bulky items. But practicing B.O.B. means we can correctly process orders and ensure proper quantities of product flavors on the store shelves.

We train our team to be on the lookout for and to help remove B.O.B. from your cart. If no one is available to assist with your B.O.B. items when you are ready to check out, your cashier would be more than happy to remove these items for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

We don’t want B.O.B. to be an inconvenience for you. We do want to offer you an enjoyable shopping experience “for not a lotta money”. Keeping an eye out for B.O.B. will help us continue to do this.

*According to the National Supermarket Research Group

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