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Festival Foods

Have You Crossed the Line?


The line I’m talking about is the cream line in a glass of Castle Rock’s Organic Milk. To maintain the flavor and physical integrity of their milk, the folks at Castle Rock use low temperatures during processing. Because their milk is non-homogenized, a cream line forms in the product. At first glance, many may think this line means the milk has gone bad or is outdated. In fact, the cream line is a natural barrier to bacteria and the product is perfectly good.

If you enjoy supporting local farmers and sustainability, Castle Rock is a great brand to purchase. The farmstead is located just a few miles out of Foster in the heart of Wisconsin. I have had a chance to meet the owners and they’re truly good people with a passion for organic farming and caring for the land and animals that help produce their products. Plus, Castle Rock milk is packaged in reusable glass bottles, meaning no cartons in the landfill! And, is if you needed another reason to support Castle Rock, their Organic Chocolate Milk has a delicious, rich flavor the kids will love—even big kids like me.

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