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Happy & Healthy Families Eat Together!

Here at Festival Foods we’re excited to be celebrating Family Day later this month!  Family Day is a national movement that encourages parents to start (or continue) eating meals together with their families.  One study after the next shows that children who share meals with their families have better grades, closer relationships with parents and siblings, a greater ability to resist negative peer pressure, and healthier dietary and eating patterns.  With so much good that comes from eating together, why wouldn’t you want to make this a priority for your family?! Because family meals play such an important role in your children’s health and nutrition we wanted to provide you with some additional tips and tricks to help you be successful.

  • Shop Smart- Healthy family meals begin at the grocery store!
o   Utilize the NuVal™ Scores found on our price tags at Festival to help you fill your grocery cart with healthy ingredients that you can combine to make a delicious family dinner. o   Get your children involved by letting them pick out some of their favorite high-scoring foods that will be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Kids love having input, and you can feel good knowing they’re selecting healthy products off of the shelves!
  • Cook Healthy- There are many great resources online where you can find healthy recipes for your family.
o   Eating Well, Meal Makeover Moms, Cooking Light, and Fruits & Veggies More Matters are good websites where you can find nutritious recipes. o   Every Wednesday, one of Festival’s Dietitians provides a healthy recipe (complete with NuVal scores) that utilizes weekly ad items on our Eat Well Wednesday Blog. Click Here to check out some of our past recipes! o   Do you have some favorite products that you purchase frequently?  Brands like Del Monte®, Sun Maid®, and Country Crock®, have websites loaded with information including recipes that utilize their products, meal ideas, and often coupons too!  A great family recipe that I like to use as a healthy alternative to frozen, processed chicken nuggets or strips is featured below.  (Bonus:  Country Crock, which is used in this recipe, has a $0.40 off coupon on their website!)
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