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Happy Halloween: Staying safe


Halloween is here again! Ideally, your pumpkins are carved, the kids are finalizing their costume choices and you’re trying to figure out what you’re going to do with children on a weeklong sugar high! tort The two big Ss of Halloween? Sugar and safety! You can get plenty of the sugary treats in our stores and our Food Safety Team put together some tips to help  keep your child’s candy supply food safe. We’ve outlined a couple key takeaway’s below:

  • Inspect the candy! Urge your child not to eat any candy while trick or treating. Instead, make it a game to see how many pieces they can bring home. That way, you’ll have time to inspect the whole bag and make sure to dispose any non-commercially wrapped candies.
  • Beware of the unpasteurized juice! Make sure to check that the apple juice or cider you’re serving is pasteurized. Pasteurized apple cider and juice is heated to extremely high temperatures to kill any remaining bacteria. Unpasteurized ciders and juices are not and may present an increased chance of sickness.


  • Chill your food. As always, keep all your refrigerated foods at or below 41 F until you are ready to serve. Be cognizant of how long these dishes have been sitting out and make sure you refrigerate your leftovers!
  • Avoid raw cookie dough. That stuff is always enticing, but remember- it’s RAW. Consuming raw foods increases your chances for sickness significantly.
  • Bob for CLEAN apples. Who doesn’t love bobbing for apples? I bet they wouldn’t love it as much if they knew they were bobbing for dirty apples. Make sure to thoroughly clean your bobbing apples for the safety of your guests!

If you’re a parent of a child with severe allergies look for the teal painted pumpkins on your neighbor’s porches as a sign of allergy friendly Halloween treats! You can read more about the Teal Pumpkin Project as well as our annual Boofest program here. From all of us at Festival Foods, have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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