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Festival Foods

Grilling SKS


Here in Wisconsin, we can grill pretty much anything and now that the weather has gotten nicer I can smell grills all over the neighborhood.  Steaks, burgers, and brats are the most common items to throw on the coals but have you ever thought about bread?  It‘s quick and easy and tastes awesome with any main dish.

We have many shapes, sizes and flavors of SKS Breads in our bakery department and any of them would be excellent on the grill.  Are you wondering how to do this?  Here are a few suggestions:

To warm the bread and give it a crisp crust

Wrap in foil, place over low heat for 8-12 minutes. Rotate and flip bread occasionally for even heating.  Keep in the foil until ready to serve.

For crispy slices with a hint of flavor

Slice SKS bread into 1” thick slices, brush with olive oil or garlic butter.  Place oiled side directly on grill over low to medium heat. Rotate and flip until toasted.  Sprinkle with garlic salt or powder if desired.

My favorite!

½ cup Olive Oil

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 SKS baquette, sliced lengthwise

Mix oil and vinegar in small bowl and brush over bread, use all of it as the bread will soak it up.

Season lightly with salt and pepper or your favorite spices.

Place oiled side on grill over low to medium heat and grill to your liking.  Keep and eye on it because it can burn quickly although the burned parts taste good, too!

Wow, my stomach is growling just writing this, I’ll have to stop by the bakery on my way home and pickup some bread.  It’s a great night to fire up the grill!

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