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Green or Gold: Bagging options at Festival Foods


We bag or you bag? We know some people think it’s easier using plastic bags, while others prefer paper or canvas bags.

Some consider it a chore, while others compare bagging groceries to a game of Tetris. And you may have heard about the national bagging competition!


At Festival Foods, we have two options at the checkouts – You Bag lanes and We Bag lanes.


You Bag lanes cater to guests who prefer to bag their own groceries. If you check out in a You Bag lane, you will notice the cashier alternates between two different sides of the belt. This ensures each guest has plenty of time to bag his or her groceries without feeling rushed. It also eliminates the possibility of mixing two orders together.

If you ever find yourself accidentally in a You Bag lane, just ask the cashier for bagging assistance and one of our friendly associates will help you!

The We Bag lanes cater to our guests who would like assistance bagging their groceries. We Bag lanes are staffed with baggers who have completed training and do their best to bag groceries in an organized fashion or do so based on your individual requests. We use feedback from guest surveys and guest comments to continuously improve our bagging effort. Fifty percent to 60 percent of our open checkouts are staffed with baggers.


We sometimes get asked: “The We Bag lanes are always backed up. Why don’t you have more baggers working like the other grocery stores?” Great question! Our bagger to cashier ratio is something we monitor on a daily basis and can fluctuate a bit due to breaks or for other reasons.

We have found the You Bag/We Bag option to be very successful. Many guests prefer to bag their own groceries for a variety of reasons, including being able to sort and organize bags based on their personal preference. In addition to our scheduled baggers, we also have additional staff members working at any time who can assist with bagging duties when needed. Our front end associates are trained to assist guests in a variety of ways, including bagging to make sure our guests have the best possible experience at Festival Foods!


Next time you are shopping at Festival Foods, look for the green or gold at the checkout! The green signs indicate We Bag lanes, which are perfect for guests who prefer some assistance bagging their order. The gold signs indicate We Bag lanes — perfect for guests who compare bagging to Tetris and enjoy bagging their own groceries.

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