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Crazy with (Festival Foods') cookie dough

You probably thought our delicious cookie dough was just for cookies. But good news: It's not! 

Say hello to cookie BARS! 


peppermint chocolate bars

We've got four super delicious dessert recipes for cookie bars that start with a tub of the amazing Festival Foods cookie dough. They're simple and you easily can pull them together with a handful ingredients you probably have in the pantry already. What you need:

  • 1 tub of our cookie dough, selecting from Sugar, Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip.
  •  1 pan that is 9 x 13

And then: 

  • Take 2 or 2/3 of tub of cookie dough and press into a greased 9 x 13 pan.
  • Take remaining 1/3 of chilled dough and mix with 6 tablespoons cold butter, 4 tablespoons flour, 4 tablespoons sugar and cut with a pastry cutter or fork to make a streusel topping. 
  • Add additional items to the streusel mix like chocolate chips or nuts for added flavor and texture.
  • Fill middle with your choice of fun, such as any jam or preserve, chocolate chips, nuts, fudge topping, or crushed canes and white chocolate. The options and ideas are endless!  Check out the very manageable items that go into making Raspberry Coconut Chocolate Cookie bars:  

Almond raspberry ingredients

  • Sprinkle with streusel topping and bake 350°F for about 20 minutes. Edges will begin to brown when bars are done.  For firmer bars add additional bake time in 5 minute increments. Serve as is or drizzle with icing or chocolate.  

cookie bar option


Prefer to see it in action? Check out this video below!


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