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Get a Little or Get a Lot- Buying Bulk is Easy as 1-2-3!



Have you ever purchased any bulk foods from Festival’s Natural Foods Department?  If not, please give it a try!  There are many reasons to purchase Bulk Foods; here are just a few:

1-  You are helping the environment by reducing waste.  According to the EPA, packaging makes up approximately 1/3 of all non-industrial solid waste.   Bulk goods also require less overall transportation for delivery to consumers. There is much less packaging that needs to be produced and transported prior to being filled. And the transportation of bulk foods to markets is more efficient because it can be packed so densely on a truck.

2-  Buy as much or as little as little you want. You can try many new items without paying for a full sized package.  Depending on the store we have 100 – 225 offerings. Choose from bulk flours, cereals, grains, spices, nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes and many other snack items. What’s hot?  Quinoa and Chia Seed lead the way as consumers continue to experiment with these ever popular ancient foods.  The ways to enhance your main course or midday snack are endless.  Replace your side dish of potatoes or rice with some Quinoa, top off your yogurt with some French vanilla granola or add some dried blueberries or cherries to your oatmeal.


3-  Buy bulk and save!   You will pay less per pound versus like prepackaged foods.  Watch our in-store Natural foods orange sheet ad for biweekly specials. Take advantage of our $1.00 off bulk coupons when we run it in our newspaper ads.

Buying Bulk Food is Easy!

  1. Choose your favorite item and place it in the bag
  2. Place the item on the scale, enter the product PLU# and hit print
  3. Place the label on the bag and take it to the checkout

I hope you stop in and give Festival’s Bulk Foods department a try! Trust me once you do, you will be hooked.


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