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  • Festival Foods HR intern: I was so lucky to have all of this experience!
Festival Foods HR intern: I was so lucky to have all of this experience!
Intern Jenna

Jenna Jersild, who has been working with Festival Foods as our Recruiting Intern, is finishing her time with our company and took some time to reflect on her nine months with us. Here's what she had to say:

Festival Foods is an incredibly special place to work and I am forever grateful for my time here! Through my internship I have found my passion and I could talk forever about how this changed my life, but I figured it would be more fitting to narrow it down to the three most memorable things about working for Festival Foods.

Preparing for the Real World:

Festival Foods spent a lot of time preparing me for the real world! I started with Festival during my last semester of college. I knew that I was interested in recruiting, but hadn’t had any experience. The fortunate thing for me was that I was working for the best mentors who taught me more than I thought I could ever learn. As a Recruiting Team, we led hiring for three new stores.

My days were spent phone interviewing and scheduling interviews for mass interview events. On top of that, my team took the time to prepare me for life after graduation by holding mock interviews, reviewing my resume and teaching me about other aspects of HR beyond recruiting. I was so lucky to have all of this experience while also learning the tools to take me through the rest of my life!

A Culture Like No Other:

Another thing I love about Festival Foods is how the company truly lives by their 27 Boomerang Basics. The Boomerang Basics are our guide to executing the vision, mission and values of Festival! Each day, I saw how they lived each Boomerang Basic. The Basics that stand out to me the most are No. 19: Make Things Happen and No. 7: Celebrate Success.

Our days were always busy with many projects and priorities but when something new came up, we always found a way to make it happen rather than find a reason why it couldn’t be done.  After we made things happen, as a team we would celebrate success!  It is such a special work environment to be in when you show that recognition and let your team know you couldn’t do it without them!

Making a Positive Impact

One of the favorite things about my internship is how I got to be part of a process that positively changes peoples’ lives! After my first mass interview event, my leader said, “Look at all of these lives that we have changed!” At first, I didn’t really process how accurate that was, but it is true!

With all of these people that I got to help hire, they were coming to work for a company that lives and breathes servant leadership and associate empowerment. These people were coming to work at a fun job that also gives them the opportunity to grow with the company. It is so exciting that the company is growing and that all these new people get to come and work for Festival and love it as much as I have!

Festival Foods has given me some really great tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! My time working here holds a very special place in my heart and has been the best experience so far.  Festival showed me that it's really is the little things that matter the most in a company. I am so thankful for my time and I can't wait to watch them grow!  I hope to be back someday!

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