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Festival Foods congratulates the graduates


2016 grads

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.” _ Dr. Suess in “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! You have gone from kindergarten to high school graduation — from diapers to diplomas! We’re so proud of you and we couldn’t agree more with Dr. Suess’ quote in the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Many parents would probably agree that 18 years went too fast and we know they enjoyed the memories and milestones along the way.

While most of us who work with high school students at Festival Foods haven’t known these young people long enough to experience all of the above milestones, we are so proud to to be a first job for many teenagers. That means we often we have the opportunity to watch this group grow from 16-year-olds starting their first job to 18-year-olds who are growing personally and professionally.

We recently asked our high school associates to share what they learned from working with us while in high school, and if they had any memories they would like to share from working at Festival Foods. The responses were honest and fun and funny and they also show what a great group we get to work with each week!

Here are some words of wisdom, advice and fun memories from members of the 2016 Festival Foods’ graduating class who plan to go on to be everything from doctors to teachers to auto mechanics to physical therapists and many other professions!

“I carried a cart down the stairs from the mezzanine because I didn’t know there was an elevator. It made for a good laugh then and even to this day! _ Joey, Neenah

“My favorite memory from working at Festival was an early morning bagging shift on Leah’s line. She is also graduating this year from the same high school and we are in the theater program together. She was doing a price change on an item and accidentally ended up changing the price to a bit over $3 million! Leah turned bright right and had a customer service representative come over to fix it. I had tears come to my eyes from laughing so hard!” _ Dylan, Kenosha

bag off

“My favorite memory from working at Festival Foods the past 2 years was the Great Wisconsin Bag Off!  It was so cool seeing a bunch of associates from the other Festival Foods stores around Green Bay come together for an event like this.  Plus I never imagined that I would have taken Third Place! _ Meagan, Green Bay East

“Working at Festival Foods has taught me a lot about life and I have found that it has offered incomparable training in multitasking, being responsible, managing money, persevering, showing compassion and being able to function in any social environment. If people ever ask me why I don’t have ‘a job that is going to help me in the future,’ I remind them that interacting with hundreds of people and guests per day and gaining social skills are far more valuable than simply following somebody around and observing what they do. Festival Foods is a great workplace environment and I am incredibly happy to say I work here.” _ Melissa, Manitowoc

My favorite memories of working at Festival would be during Christmas time. I love the week before Christmas when the store is super busy and how this past season we had singers on our balcony performing their favorite Christmas songs! It’s also fun to talk with our guests and see what they have planned for the holidays.” _ Kristin, La Crosse-Village

“There is a man named Rick who comes in every day when I’m working and normally buys a pop just so he can come through my line and tell me about his day and what’s new in his life. He’s an older man. I met him on one of my first days cashiering and he comes in just about every time I work! He truly brightens my day!” _ Lucy, La Crosse-Village

“The highlight of my day is being able to joke around with the people I work with. It makes the day so much more relaxing and the hours go by quicker as well.” _ Jake, Mt. Pleasant

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