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Festival Foods

Family Day


While I was growing up, some of the best times were around the old kitchen table. When I was a kid, being home by dinner meant you were home in time for chores before you ate dinner! Everyone had a job, from setting the table, to stirring the gravy- you didn’t just slide in and eat at our house. Mom cooked everything from scratch and today that amazes me more than it did then.  I peeled a lot of potatoes, we had them fried, mashed, boiled, and broiled so I was an expert with the peeler.  Buying the peeler was an exciting purchase at our house because it saved me from using the paring knife for peeling. Of course the peeler did take off a few layers of skin off my knuckles but it was worth it!

The kitchen table and dinner was not just about the food. It was the one meal we ate together almost every day until we were old enough for a “real” job. This was a time of sharing what each of our days had consisted of, the good things to celebrate and the not so good things we sometimes tried to not mention. Somehow they always knew to ask that one question you couldn’t wiggle out of – oh did I mention my Dad is a minister? Lying was not something you did more than once at our house!

Now our family dinners are less frequent which makes them even more special to me. Our table includes four generations and love is all around! The conversations run the gamut but one thing is for sure, we have never run out of food. We still peel a lot of potatoes and sometimes stirring the gravy is the only thing you are allowed to do! But we all know how special it is to stir the gravy, no lumps are allowed.

These memories of family dinners are very special to me and I hope your family takes the time to create some memories of your own.

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