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Festival Foods

Exciting New Seafood Item!

On March 6th all of our Seafood Departments will have a new seafood item called “Akva’cobia” or “Cobia Fillets” available. We will be introducing this new, very healthy fish in our service seafood counters as well as in our self-service seafood cases sold in 1.5 pound frozen fillets. Akva’cobia is farm-raised and frozen at the peak of freshness. It’s grown to the strictest requirements of Marine Farms Vietnam which combines Norwegian expertise with the ideal location for Cobia farming and production. This is really an ideal species for aquaculture. And Cobia also happens to be in season year-round to meet the ever rising demand for seafood in restaurants and our stores. Cobia’s firm texture, high oil content, and versatility is recognized by chefs around the world. It’s great on the grill, pan seared, baked, or roasted. The meat texture of Cobia is also ideal for sushi or sashimi. Its subtle, mild flavor and white flesh appeals to the palate of the American consumer. Best of all, the strong nutritional profile makes Cobia a truly healthy item on your menu! Sashimi Quality: Akva’cobia is sashimi grade, the gold standard of quality in the seafood business. Sashimi quality is the best a chef or customer can get. Nutritional Facts: Akva’cobia is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. There are more Omega-3s in Cobia than there is in Salmon! Rich in protein, it is also high in riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. Plus, a 4 ounce portion is incredibly only 240 calories! Better choice: Akva’cobia is a better choice than the over produced Sea Bass. It eats and tastes much the same as Sea Bass, but for a lot less money. It’s also a much better choice for sustainability—which has become increasingly important. I hope you all will try this new seafood item coming soon to your nearest Festival Foods on March 6th. I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy Akva’cobia! Click Here for Cobia Recipes

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