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Eat Well Wednesday: Special K Cereal

It’s 7:30 in the morning and you’re rushing around the house trying to prepare for the busy day ahead.  You only have a few minutes to grab a quick breakfast, so what do you reach for?  The cereal box.  Cold cereal is a very popular breakfast choice, because it’s quick, convenient, and doesn’t require you to summon the spirit of Julia Child to prepare. Although one cold cereal is just as easy to prepare as the next, not all cereals are created equal in terms of nutrition.  Take a look at the NuVal™ scores in the cereal aisle and you’ll find some that score in the single digits and others that score as high as 91!  NuVal scores in the cereal category are largely influenced by the amount of fiber, sodium, and sugar found in the product.  Remember, the higher the Score, the better the nutrition! A simple trade-up you can make in the cereal aisle is from Special K Red Berries to Special K Protein Plus.  The Protein Plus scores an impressive 29 points higher than the Red Berries variety due to the increased amount of protein and fiber (which will help keep you full longer) and the reduced amount of sodium and sugar.  Top your Special K Protein Plus with some fresh strawberries or blueberries, both which score a perfect 100, for an added boost of nutrition! Instead of:  Special K Red Berries NuVal™ Score:  24 Opt for:  Special K Protein Plus NuVal™ Score:  53

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