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Eat Well Wednesday: Instant Oatmeal

Breakfast in my house is always rushed.  I am always running late in the morning because I just have to get those extra few minutes of sleep by pressing the snooze button about three times.  Instant Oatmeal is a good breakfast that can be made in just 90 seconds (that way, I can squeeze in those extra minutes of shut-eye!).   With all the different flavors and brands, this quick morning meal is not made equally, though.  Use NuVal™ Scores to help guide you toward the healthier flavors of this breakfast item. Instead of: Quaker Peaches & Cream Instant Oatmeal NuVal™ Score:  11 Opt for: Quaker Raisin, Date & Walnut Instant Oatmeal NuVal™ Score:  28 When you trade-up from the Peaches & Cream flavor to the Raisin, Date & Walnut flavor, you are choosing wisely!  The Raisin, Date & Walnut instant oatmeal will provide you with a just-as-delicious, yet more nutritious breakfast.  Walnuts are the highest scoring nut out there, so that helps bring this instant breakfast score up.  Walnuts also are a good source of healthy monounsaturated fat, fiber and protein.  Raisins get a great NuVal score too because they are a dried fruit with no sugars added.  It’s just what you need in a breakfast to get you going! Guest Blogger, Alyssa Mannering, recently completed her Dietetic Internship at UW-Green Bay.

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