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Eat Well Wednesday: Frozen Pizza

Pizza is a “go-to” for a quick, easy meal for many people.  It is one of those food items that is just too hard to give up… who doesn’t love warm, cheesy pizza!  Many frozen pizzas are loaded with fat from processed meats such as sausage, pepperoni and bacon.  On top of that, most pizzas lack a certain healthy (and necessary, in my opinion) element… vegetables!  I once heard a young boy ask his mom why she had a salad on her pizza.  I immediately thought to myself, “What has this boy been taught?  Green peppers and onions should not be considered a salad!”  It just goes to show, this particular young boy missed out on learning the wonderful flavor that vegetables can give to pizza.  Who else out there is missing out? Most frozen pizzas get measly NuVal™ scores in the 10’s and 12’s because of the lack of vegetables and excess of processed meats.  Behold—a pizza sans processed meat but with lots of veggies is born!  Tombstone has started making a Light Veggie Pizza, lower in fat, calories and sodium for everyone to enjoy. Instead of: Tombstone Original Pepperoni Pizza NuVal™ Score:  10 Tombstone Light Veggie Pizza NuVal™ Score:  24 An easy swap from the Pepperoni Pizza to the Veggie Light Pizza can save you 82 calories, 10g fat, and 40mg sodium per serving, while still providing you with 13g of protein.  The higher NuVal score of the Light Veggie Pizza reflects these “savings”, which you can have by trading-up and choosing the higher scoring food item.  What a deal! Guest Blogger, Alyssa Mannering, recently completed her Dietetic Internship at UW-Green Bay.

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