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Eat Well Wednesday: Canned Corn

People are becoming more and more educated on nutrition now that the internet is found nearly everywhere you look.  It is well-known that you should eat your fruits and vegetables (try for 5 a day!), but canned vegetables have gotten a bad rap lately.  There are definitely canned vegetables that deserve some “bad talk,” but there are still healthy canned veggies out there!  Canned veggies with no added salt are now becoming prevalent on the shelves.  NuVal™ scores take into account over 30 different nutrients, sodium being one of them.  In the case of regular canned vegetables, there is a load of sodium added to preserve it.  This certainly does a number (no pun intended!) on the NuVal score. Instead of: Freshlike Whole Kernel Corn NuVal™ Score:  29 Opt for: Freshlike No Salt Added Whole Kernel Corn NuVal™ Score:  91 As you can see, the Freshlike Whole Kernel Corn with No Salt Added scores a whopping 62 points higher than its added salt counterpart.  So, what’s in the can of the no salt added corn?  There are just two ingredients:  corn and water.  As a general rule, the shorter the ingredient list, the better it is for you.  Choose the corn that has a higher NuVal score, to help you eat foods like they were grown in nature. Guest Blogger, Alyssa Mannering, recently completed her Dietetic Internship at UW-Green Bay.

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