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Festival Foods features craft beer from brewers across Wisconsin


Craft beer display

As a Wisconsin-based company that really digs showcasing products made in the state and produce grown here, we couldn’t be more excited to talk really good beer made right here by our longtime brewery partners. We’ve got behind-the-brew with some of our most popular craft beers made in the great Badger state.

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our craft beer YouTube playlist so that you don’t miss any of the fun. In some cases, we’re so close to local breweries that the beer goes from being bottled to being shelved in our stores within 24 hours! That’s the case in Green Bay, where our friends at Hinterland Brewery bottle and bring in their beer within a day of bottling. Talk about fresh!

American Craft Beer Week

Our Wine & Spirits Department has an incredible lineup of hundreds of craft beers from all corners of the globe (and Wisconsin!). Check out this long list of 44 Wisconsin breweries — from Sheboygan to Wausau to La Crosse — making a wide variety of beers that end up on our store shelves. And many have some dark beers for the cold winter.

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