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Coupons, Texts, and More Ways to Save at Festival Foods! : Part 1

Do you spend time on Sunday mornings clipping coupons for your next grocery shopping trip? Do you ever buy the newspaper simply for the coupons deals included inside? If so, you are not alone! A quick google search for coupon facts immediately brings up millions of results:

  • 305 billion coupons circulated in the US in 2013
  • 2.9 billion coupons were redeemed in 2013
  • The average coupon expires 9 weeks after it is issued
  • 88% of consumers use coupons at the grocery store
While 88% is a big number, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who works in a grocery store. Every day, guests shopping at Festival Foods present hundreds of coupons to cashiers, who then scan those coupons in at the register to trigger discounts. From the first coupon created in 1887 by Coca-Cola, to the millions of coupons available in 2014, it is evident we have become a coupon-driven society. Given the impact coupons have on customers and businesses, we would like to remind all of you, our loyal shoppers, of the many coupons we have available each week! Colors Mean Savings! Several months ago, after getting ample expert advice and suggestions from successful leaders in the grocery industry, we gave our price tag system a makeover! Our new and improved price tags better showcase how much you are saving on individual products and how long the product is on sale. As stated by the title, the color coded tags translate into 3 different types of savings. The picture below summarizes which types of savings are identified by each color.


Newspaper Coupons Copies of the coupons from the Sunday paper are available near the Wall of Values or at the customer service desk. Remember to take a flyer when you start shopping; it gives you the opportunity to see both the coupon and ad items for the week as you check items off your grocery list, and also lists the selected varieties that are included with each coupon (many weeks specific flavors/varieties are included in a coupon price due to the volume we have of the product). When you are checking out, make sure you present these coupons to the cashier. If the coupons are only referenced, but not handed to the cashier, it increases the potential for error since the cashier might forget to scan the sheet at their station. The cashier will scan the barcode printed on the flyer (you don’t even need to cut them out!), which triggers the discount for all newspaper and green sheet coupons. An additional $5 purchase is required to redeem newspaper coupons.


Green sheet Coupons Green sheet coupons are typically located near the entrance doors or near the customer service desk. Due to guest feedback and looking to improve the overall checkout experience, we recently made a change to the green sheets. Previously, the cashier would need to scan both the green sheet and the newspaper ad to ensure guests received sale prices from both coupon sheets. Now both sheets have the same barcode, so the cashier only needs to scan one sheet to trigger the discounts. Some weeks we do have manufacture coupons in the green sheet that need to be scanned separately to receive the discount. For your convenience this coupon does not need to be torn out; however, you do need to alert the cashier that you are redeeming this offer. The cashier will then scan the coupon.  This allows us to reuse green sheets throughout the week and contribute to the “green” movement! To make your shopping as simple as possible, aisle numbers are printed next to each green sheet item. You do not need an additional $5 purchase to use the green sheet coupons.


Website rewards The website rewards coupon can be found at . Although this coupon is not available every week, when it is available you will see an icon for it in the top left corner of the page. If you click the link, it will bring you directly to the coupon, which you can either print or present on your phone to the cashier when you check out. While this is a Festival Foods coupon, it has a different trigger than the newspaper and green sheet coupons, and therefore must be scanned separately. This coupon targets anyone who frequently visits our website. Weekly Ad Sneak Peak For a few years we heard guests requesting that we have our ad available prior to Sunday morning so they could start planning their grocery list Friday or Saturday. Our response? “Ask and you shall receive!” We now have a sneak peak of the ad available on our Facebook Page on Friday for the Sunday ad. You will notice there are no prices listed. We cannot list prices in the sneak peak, because prices can vary between markets, and there are times that our prices change between Friday afternoon and Saturday night. The sneak peak shows pictures of the ad and coupon items for Sunday. Tips for Redeeming Coupons during Checkout Coupons are an excellent resource when looking for ways to save; however, they can also create frustration when they do not work properly. One of the most frequent complaints we hear at the checkouts and the customer service desk is “my coupons didn’t come off!” We do apologize for errors at the checkouts, and would like to give you a few tips to help prevent further issues:
  • Hand the cashier all of your coupons. As previously indicated, when coupons are only mentioned, many cashiers will forget to enter them. When they have something to physically scan, there are far less errors.
  • Match up purchases to exactly what is listed on the coupon. Is the wording confusing? Are our displays in the aisles misleading? Is the size listed on the coupon unavailable on the shelf? Please tell us! Without your feedback we do not always know what needs to change.
  • If you notice something is not ringing up on sale when checking out, alert your cashier. We have hundreds of items on sale each week and do not expect cashiers to memorize each item and the price that goes with it. However, if something seems incorrect, they can troubleshoot with you to find the solution, or call over a manager to help troubleshoot.


The above coupons are available at all 18 locations (soon to be 19!---Welcome Fort Atkinson shoppers!). We hope that by providing coupons via newspaper, texts, the internet, Face Book, and in store promotions, we are reaching all demographics and providing as many outlets for saving as possible. For more information, please visit the customer service desk at your local Festival Foods and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you! Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn more about saving money at Festival Foods!
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