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Cold Temperatures and Produce Supply


I’ve noticed a lot of talk recently about the cold temperatures in Florida and what it has done to the produce industry. Yes, it has been cold but the biggest issue is that it has been cold for long periods of time. The longer it stays cold, the harder it is to protect the plants. It is estimated that Florida saw about 10 consecutive nights of freezes which has had a huge impact on their winter fruit and vegetable crop. Some of the major items affected are strawberries, green beans, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and citrus.

At Festival, we have been able to buy these items from other growing regions so you shouldn’t see them missing on our shelves.

There should only be a few of the smaller citrus items affected like minneolas and tangerines. We get all of our navel oranges and grapefruit from California and Texas so we shouldn’t have many problems with those two big items. In Florida, a majority of the oranges go for juicing as opposed to being eaten out of hand.

Please be assured that our suppliers are staying on top of this situation and are working very hard to continue to get Festival the best possible produce.

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