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Festival Foods

Citrus Is at Its Peak!


Right now is a great time of year to buy citrus fruit because we are at the very peak of the season. That means when you bite in, you’ll experience the very best in flavor!

One great citrus item I highly suggest you try is the Clementine! Once you try them, I know you’ll be back from more because they’re just delicious! Clementines are the smallest variety of Mandarin Orange and have a very sweet flavor. They’re also seedless and very easy to peel, which makes them great for kids or as a quick snack. At Festival, you can find them in a 5 lb box fresh in from California or Spain.

Another delicious citrus fruit at the peak of flavor right now is the Satsuma Mandarin. Like a Clementine, these are a seedless variety of Mandarin Orange that is easy to peel and has a really great flavor. They happen to be my very favorite citrus fruit!

Skip the canned fruit and choose fresh, peak-of-season Clementines or Satsumas the next time you’re in the store—I know you’ll be impressed!

Have a great holiday!

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