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Festival Foods

Changes at the Checkout


Speed at the checkout is something that all of our guests appreciate.  We continually look for ways to increase our efficiencies and make the checkout process as simple, fast and painless as possible while still maintaining our high level of service, offering every guest a smile and making sure we’ve taken care of their needs.  We recently made a change in all of our stores that affects our speed in a positive way.

Elimination of signatures on credit card purchases under $25 has made an impact on our total tender time on these transactions.  This change mirrors that of many other retailers and something shoppers everywhere have become accustomed to.  This may seem insignificant to some but when you consider how many transactions were affected by this one simple change, the total time savings was quite significant.  We must remember the increased speed during these transactions affects not only the guest making the purchase but anyone waiting in line behind them.  Increasing our speed on one transaction directly impacts everyone in line making for a faster check out experience for all.

We certainly were not the trendsetter with this change as many others beat us to the punch on this one.  As we do with any change however, we had to make sure it made sense for us and our guests before we moved forward.  We take a lot of things into consideration before making any changes to our stores, departments, policies, procedures, etc.  I’m happy to report the feedback from guests and cashiers alike has all been positive and people are happy with the change.

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