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Cart runners: Festival Foods parking lot superheroes

By Katherine Donnellan, Front end manager, Festival Foods Darboy Weekend Forecast: Friday: sunny, high of 50 degrees Saturday: partly cloudy, expect freezing rain and sleet, high of 35 degrees Sunday: sunny, flurries possible in the morning, temperature could drop as low as minus 45 degrees by early evening While that kind of forecast is probably not much of a shock to anyone living in Wisconsin, freezing rain, sleet, and even subzero temperatures that reach as low as minus 45 degrees can provide challenges -- and at times health concerns -- for anyone working outside in an environment completely controlled by Mother Nature. bagger 2 Many of us hear comments about the weather throughout our workday, ranging from “I can’t believe I even left my house today!” to “I’m trying to get all my grocery shopping done before this storm hits.” bagger During the summer months, when the weather can easily be 100 degrees warmer than our coldest winter day, you’re likely to hear: “It’s so nice to be here in the air conditioning! Our air conditioner broke last night so grocery shopping is a relief!” hot bag Most Festival Food associates are only outside when they’re walking into the store to start their shift and when they're leaving for the day. However, our cart runners spend the majority of their shift outside. This means they work hard during the rainy spring season, during the scalding hot summer months that can reach up to 90 or 100 degrees, and during the winter when the weather can quickly change from 30 and blizzard-like conditions to sunny and 50 degrees below zero. Our cart runners work in all kinds of conditions – rain or shine, sunny or snowy – with a smile on their faces! With that being said, let’s take time this month to thank our cart runners! girl runner To them, we say: Thank you for coming in each day with a smile and helping with bagging duties and parcel pick-ups as needed! Thank you for keeping our cart lobbies full for our guests! Thank you for keeping our parking lots clean and bringing any lost and found items to the service desk so we can return them! Thank you for working as a team on the weekends! Thank you for shoveling snow and sprinkling salt in the parking lot to keep everyone safe! Thank you for your dedication to Festival Foods and thank you for making a difference each shift!  

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