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  • Bringing the Brazilian steakhouse to your home with Picanha steak from Festival Foods
Bringing the Brazilian steakhouse to your home with Picanha steak from Festival Foods
Steak and knife

Picanha steak, which have been made famous by Brazilian steakhouses, are among the most tender, flavorful cuts of steak available. And it's now available in the Meat Department at our stores across Wisconsin

Picanha is a Top Sirloin cap or culotte muscle, which is a delicious cut that has a funny name. They're boneless cuts from the top of the sirloin; the cut is nicely marbled and rich in beefy flavor. Bonus: We use only “USDA Prime” grade of local (from Green Bay!) beef, which is the highest grade available. The picanha has a heavy layer of fat covering the meat that ensures flavor and tenderness. 

Our butchers score the fat layer in a lined pattern to ensure the flavors of the seasonings are roasted into the meat, allowing them to baste with natural juices.

Cooking options and information:

- For medium doneness, we'd suggest placing it on a grill over indirect heat, the fat side up, for about an hour. Let rest 10 minutes, then slice across the grain (following the lines made by our butchers) for tenderness.

- If you're using an oven, roast it at 375 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. 

- Looking for a medium rare steak? The internal temperatures should be 125-130 degrees. It's 135-140 degrees for medium. 

- You can slice it or thinly shave it for a delicious steak hoagie sandwich (also known as a cheesesteak), or go with thick slices for a juicy, tender steak adored by meat lovers. 

- End up with leftovers? You've got a great start on stir fry or fajitas with this item.

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