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Tip Tuesday: Wine time: Boxed wine versus bottled wine
The thought of drinking boxed wines may bring back memories of your college days when you were looking for something cheap and the quality of wine really didn’t matter to you. Some of you still may have the perception that boxed wine is of poor quality and inexpensive. Oh, how times have changed! Australians lead the way with boxed wine, as the majority of wine sold Down Under is sold in boxes. Americans have done a wonderful job of catching up with the boxed wine phenomenon, and now offer dozens of brands and varieties to choose from. Convenience is a factor when considering a boxed wine purchase. Boxed wine can make a trip to the beach a breeze. Have a party and don’t want to worry about breakage? There’s your answer. Boxed wines are ideal for large gatherings; they are also environmentally friendly, with some like Bota Box reducing waste by 90 percent of the equivalent bottle. Technology has come a long way in the production of boxed wine, the idea of bag-in-box, allows wine to stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, (although I have never had a box of wine last that long in my frig… J)As the wine is consumed, the bag collapses, this along with having an airtight spigot keeps oxygen from getting in and ruining the wine. Also a flattened box in your recycle bin looks better than a half dozen or so bottles each week. Box sizes may surprise you, most range in size from 3 liters which is equal to 4 bottles down to 1 liter which contains just over the standard size 750ml bottle. There are even mini boxes that hold enough for a single glass or 250ml, perfect for those of you that travel! So if being environmentally friendly is important to you and if affordability and quality are what you’re all about, then it sounds to me like you should try boxed wine….you will be pleasantly surprised at what you taste. A few options:  

Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 2010-3 liter box- About $18

This wine will literally knock your socks off. What a wonderful full bodied wine of extraordinary quality. When trying this wine you will notice rich aromas of dark fruit, a lush full body and the soft finish of berry.  

Bota Box Chardonnay 2010-3 liter box-About $18

  When it’s hot or cold outside, this wine is absolutely breathtaking. You will taste fresh citrus and pineapple right from the start, with just a touch of vanilla. It’s a wonderful wine just by itself in front of a fire in winter or paired with chicken, fish or a salad in summer.

Peter Vella White Grenache, White Zinfandel, Sangria -5 liter box- About $10

These blush wines are all very nice flavored, light, with a touch of sweetness. These are perfect for BBQ’s when you need to satisfy many palates, chill well to maximize flavor. So next time you need a bottle of wine, consider a box.
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