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Festival Foods

Boomerang Pin for a Win



Each cashier, clerk and cleaner is as crucial and central to our company’s success as our profoundly passionate lineup of loving leaders.  The impact that each and every Festival Foods associate makes every day is immeasurable.

Whether you are one of our passionate patrons or are a part of the Festival Foods family, you know the Boomerang Experience is the foundation on which we stand.

Those who go above and beyond the call of duty to create that mind blowing shopping experience for our guests receive a golden Boomerang to display proudly on their name badge.  Those who sport this symbol of their dedication to customer service set the example for others to follow.


Some with a keen eye for detail may notice many of our associates displaying one of these Boomerangs.  Others may have noticed that, for example, the cashier they mentioned by name in a guest feedback card is now wearing one – this is no coincidence!  We really do listen to each and every bit of guest feedback we receive and celebrate our associates who live the Boomerang principle in our stores.

Below you will find a selection of stories that earned Boomerangs for some of our associates.  Share your story in the comments section below – you just might make someone’s day!Boomerang-Pin-for-a-Win3

“Last night I was grocery shopping in the Holmen Festival Foods and when I got back out to my car it wouldn’t start. A very nice young man, Cohan, came out to help me. He went above and beyond what I asked. He even brought over his own truck to jump my car.”

“One big example from yesterday dealt with “freeze pops.”  Our 10-year-old son loves them. They are a summer item and I knew that finding them was going to take luck. A young man asked if he could help me find something.  I told him what I was looking for and he walked with me to the area. I mentioned that the ones in the box would work but my son really likes the ones in the red mesh bag. I took a box of them and went to the check out.  Before we were finished, that same gentleman came back and told me that he found what I was looking for in the mesh bag, but it was high up in storage but he had called someone to come and get them down. WOW how impressive! He kept looking even though I had taken a box of the pops and was calling it good. He went so far beyond what normally happens in most stores.”

“Out of curiosity just asked one of the bakers if perhaps they had some mini cupcakes in pink. She asked me how many I needed.  It wasn’t a big deal if she didn’t have any I just thought it would be cute for my daughter.  The baker said “give me 10 minutes and I can make whatever you want,” so I went to do some shopping and came back to pink cupcakes!  It’s not like it was a major sale. It was one of the small packs of mini cupcakes and she made it in the color that my little girl wanted.”

“I was there to get a few groceries and purchase the beverages from the Festival liquor department for my son’s upcoming college graduation party.  After trying to decipher all the rebates and grocery items that were part of the sale ad, I asked for help from one of the assistants in the liquor department with the rebates.  His name was Alex.  He helped me figure all the discounts out, then literally went in the grocery store and picked up all the grocery items that were part of the sale. He came back with a cart full of the free items and continued to check me out right in the liquor dept. I was shocked!! He was super helpful, and I didn’t even ask for the extra help!”

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