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Behind the Scenes: Recall Process



A product has been recalled.

Now what happens at Festival Foods? How do we determine if our guests have received the affected product? What types of precautions do we take at the store level to make sure our guests don’t purchase those recalled products?


I’m Stephanie and I’m part of Festival Foods’ safety team. As the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Manager, I can provide you a first-hand look at what happens on the front lines of the recall process and how our company works diligently to keep you – and your food – safe.


Believe me, we understand that figuring out whether you have a recalled product in your household can be confusing.


A number of factors come into play when determining if you have recently or previously purchased a recalled product. Three things to look for are: UPC codes, lot codes and the ‘best by’ dates. These three data points are all located on the product packaging. Just match them with the information we provide on our recall website to figure out if it has been recalled.


The Food Safety and Quality Assurance Team are constantly getting information about recalls from a number of regulatory agencies, including the USDA, FDA and others, on a variety of levels – ranging from local to state to federal. We also get details from product suppliers, third-party vendors as well as media reports about potential hazards within food products.


  • We first investigate each notification and determine if we sell that specific product. Every item that comes into our stores is placed into our inventory management solution. This is basically a history book of all products sold by Festival Foods.


  • When we determine whether we sell – or have sold – the recalled product in our stores, we send out a notice to our associates at each of our locations that provides instruction to isolate and destroy any affected product that may be in a stock room or on our shelves.


  • Our stores are required to respond to our support office in six hours with information about the affected units as well as confirmation they have isolated the product.


  • After confirmation from each store, we update our recall website with the specific recalled product information with a range of details including UPC codes, lot numbers and ‘best by’ dates. Check our up-to-date recall table of all affected product online here.


  • Our site also includes the FDA’s Food Safety Recalls & Tips, which displays products we don’t carry but have been recalled from other retailers. Be assured, if we carry or have carried recalled products, we will have the specifics to our table.


  • As an added bonus for our social media savvy guests, we tweet all of our recalls – so follow us on Twitter @festfoods. You also can keep track of information on our Facebook page as well.


At Festival Foods, we take great care in addressing any recall as well as ensuring that our guests are well informed. That’s why you may see recall signage on our shelves for more prominent, heavily reported recalls. Since we are not always affected, we consider it a service to our guests to also notify them that we aren’t affected by a specific recall and that our product is safe to consume.

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