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Festival Foods

Are You Worthy?


shellback1Picture this… you have been sailing on the Atlantic Ocean for months on your ship. All you see around you is your crewmates, and the vast blue sea. But all of the sudden, out of nowhere, the captain of the vessel orders all of the “Pollywogs” to the bow of the deck. You hurry into position because you know this is a special day for you. This is going to be your first experience crossing the equator; and in turn, being promoted to a “Shellback”. You have been found worthy.

shellback2This isn’t just maritime lore, but true practices for all maritime people that cross the equator for the first time. Before you cross, you are a Pollywog. And after your adventure takes you across for the first time, your time, experience, and fortitude gives you the age honored tradition of being promoted to a worthy candidate of being a Shellback.

Now picture this- it has been a long, grueling, back-breaking winter. But just as ships cross the equator, we know that the change in the seasons is right around the corner. You have had the strength and courage to survive another dark and gloomy season, only to be blessed with a new opportunity. Warmer weather is on the horizon and you have been found worthy for a new, worthy item that is coming to Festival Foods!

Coming very soon, we have the opportunity to launch a brand new rum to our stores called Shellback Rum! These are going to come in as a Silver Rum and a Spiced Rum. The Silver is a crisp, clean-tasting rum for the sophisticated palate. Its floral overtones are layered with the suggestion of vanilla and tropical fruit to provide a sweet, smooth taste that’s just right for sipping or mixing in one of your signature cocktails. And the Spiced is a smooth-tasting, medium-bodied rum of remarkable quality. With no sugar added, its 12 exotic spices combine to offer unique overtones of caramelized honey, cinnamon and vanilla to create the distinguished taste you’re ready for.

As for me, warmer weather means rum drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a Rum & Cola every once and a while (which Shellback is perfect for!) but I like to be adventurous with my drinks. Mojito’s, Colada’s, Mai Tai’s are some common drinks but I would suggest checking out Shellback’s website ( for some exotic twists on these classics. They also have some other unique cocktails that I have fallen in love with (For example, Pineapple, Blueberry, & Basil Cocktail).

So are you worthy to become a Shellback with Shellback Rum? I definitely believe so! Make sure you point your compass towards your closest Festival Foods and find this new treasure! I know that you are going to be “wowed” by the great taste and the affordable price! You have been found worthy and would suggest purchasing a couple!



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