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Festival Foods

An Apple a Day…

Redds logoWhen I saw the ad for this during the Super Bowl I told my wife I would no longer have a problem getting enough servings of fruit into my diet! 

 All kidding aside, this is a brand new, unique, refreshing, and all around tasty brew which goes by the name of Redd’s Apple Ale.   It’s an intriguing product from the start due to the fact that Redd’s is not actually a cider but an ale (the difference being cider is basically fermented apple juice, while ales are actually brewed like a beer).  The ale itself pours a deep golden hue with some subtle carbonation.  The aroma follows from the glass with a fresh, pleasant fresh apple juice scent. The big surprise is the flavor that trails, it isn’t overly sweet and has a ton of surprising crisp and clean apple flavor that will cause many to try it again, left to wonder if this is really a cider.  But trust me it isn’t.  You will find Redd’s Apple Ale in all of our Festival Foods stores.  It’s easy to find because the packaging, like the flavor, is big, bold, and red just like apples!  Check out the famous Festival yellow sheet to find some superb Redd’s deals for the entire month of February.

Redds ad

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