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A Dramatic Start to Cherry Season

Cherry season is here! And right now, Festival has lots of delicious cherries available in our stores for you to enjoy. But let me tell you, the start of the cherry season wasn’t the easiest this year. As the season progresses, we usually start with product from California and then move north into Washington. For weeks, all of the growers were telling us that by the week of May 16th they would be heavy into cherry production. With that information, I thought it would be a great time to put them in the newspaper at a great early season price. The problem is that Mother Nature stepped in and apparently didn’t like my plan. The weather got cool and stayed that way in California which completely slowed down the cherry crop. The supply tightened up quickly and we started having problems receiving cherries in time for our ad. Our supplier did everything they could to get cherries on the trucks and back to Wisconsin. Obviously begging was my first tactic, but that doesn’t work when there aren’t enough cherries to give. The wait for the first load of cherries was so long we decided to fly them in to Chicago rather than drive them by truck—a 30 hour drive! The second delivery had to use a team where two people switched between driving and resting so the truck didn’t need to stop as much. As you can tell, it was a little stressful. My hair is a little more grey now and my finger nails a little shorter. The good news is that the cherries arrived at our stores just in time for the ad! I hope that you truly enjoy the cherries this year. I know I’ll enjoy them just a little bit more knowing all the work that went into getting them here!

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