Jumbo Muffins
Jumbo Muffins

Here is a list our famous Jumbo Crust Top Muffins made with our special creme cake batter.  

Many of our Muffins are available topped with Sugar Glaze Icing, Streusel or sprinkled with sugar.  

Special Orders 

*To ensure your favorite flavor is in store and/or to place a special order contact one of our expert bakers who will be happy to assist you. (You will find the  phone number on our home page once you have selected your store) 

Almond Poppy Seed-  Featuring our almond batter and poppy seeds

Apple Cinammon - loaded with apple chunks and laced with cinnamon and topped with cinnamon sugar

Banana Walnut-  Banana batter loaded with walnuts and then garnished with a streusel and walnut mixture

Blueberry- A classic bursting with blueberries

Bran - Blended with nutritious bran, rich molasses and topped with bran flakes

Cherry-  Fresh frozen whole cherries and cherry fruit filling

Chocolate Chip -loaded and garnished with chocolate chips

Chocolate Chocolate Chip- features a chocolate batter plus loaded and garnished with chocolate chips 

Cranberry Walnut-  Loaded with fresh cranberries and walnut chunks

Glorious Morning- Loaded with apple chunks fresh carrots coconut raisins walnuts and cinnamon its more than a muffin... its a meal!

Lemon Poppy Seed -Featuring our lemon fruit batter and delicious poppy seeds

Orange Cranberry- Loaded with fresh cranberries and orange fruit filling

Pistachio- get your pistachio craving satisfied

Pumpkin-  Warm spices and pumpkin make this the perfect fall treat

Raisen Bran - A hearty treat filled with bran flakes, raisins and touch of molasses

Raspberry -Brimming with fresh frozen raspberries and raspberry fruit filling

Turtle - Laced with chocolate chips butterscotch chips and toffee and pecan pieces. Then drizzled with a liberal icing of melted chocolate and caramel. This is the ultimate dessert muffin!

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