Assorted Party Trays
Assorted Party Trays

Fresh and appetizing, Festival's party trays make entertaining uncomplicated. You'll find a delicious assortment of quality meats, cheeses and more. Whatever the event, we're here to bring great taste to the occasion.

12" Cheese and Sausage Tray
Cheese Tray
Gourmet Cheese Tray
Antipasto Tray
12" Party Snack Tray
Shrimp Spread Tray
Caprese Tray
Ham Roll Ups Tray
Deviled Egg Tray
Taco Dip Tray
Spinach Dip Tray
Football Taco Tray
Veggie Pizza
Fruit Pizza
Wings Tray
Wraps Tray
Mini Croissant Tray
Sandwich Meat and Cheese Tray
Sandwich Trimmings Tray
Club Sandwich Tray
Party Sub Sandwich Tray
Shrimp Cocktail Tray

DISCLAIMER: Items may vary according to each store and while supplies are available. Please call us to place your special order. Our in-store experts are ready to assist you and help you experience effortless entertaining.

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