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Festival Foods

Fundraising Icon Sales Request

Festival Foods is excited to offer local charities the opportunity to sell ICONS in our stores. What is an ICON sale? Icon sales are when cashiers ask each guest checking out if they would like to donate to the selected charity. If they say yes, the guest will be charged an additional $1 or $5 donation to their total bill, and that amount will then go to the charity. The guest is then given an actual ICON where they can write their name on it, and it is then placed on the wall at Festival Foods during the ICON sale.

THE ICON sale is 15 days in a row and there are some restrictions regarding when they can take place. Each store has an ICON sale that rotates for different charities each year, and they vote to determine which charity best fits the sale each year. Submitting this form is your opportunity to apply to be considered as a potential charity benefiting from the icon sale. Thank you for applying to have an ICON at Festival Foods!

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