Meat / Seafood

We do the work, You get the glory! 

Visit the Signature Meat and Seafood Gallery for pictures, cooking instructions and pairings.

If you have not experienced the Signature Service Meat Department at Festival Foods, you are in for one mouth-watering adventure. Our meat experts are real innovators when it comes to creating unique flavors of marinated and stuff products. There is our top-selling Burgundy Pepper Spoon Roast, up to 10 flavors of Dad's Marinated Chicken Breasts, up to 5 flavors of our famous Oktoberfest Bratwurst, up to 5 flavors of our Pork Tender Roasts and the popular Door County Cherry Pork Tenderloins. and all kinds of beef, pork and poultry cuts. So what is the great thing about all the marinating and stuffing? All the prep has been done for you so your entree is oven and grill ready! 

Let's talk about seafood for a minute. We bring in fresh fish and seafood from both coasts. Our Fresh Flight Fish can bring the catch from the docks to your table in as little as 48 hours. It's as close to living on the coast as you can get here in Wisconsin!

Our expert meat people also take expert care of you - from custom orders and special cuts to cooking instructions for the oven, grill and crock pot. And don't forget about our popular Festy Burgers - the official burger of Lambeau Field! 

At Festival Foods, you will only find the best of the best in our Meat Department. Our meat is ground three times per day to ensure the best quality products and delicious, flavorful meals time after time. 

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All Natural Farmland Natural and Organic Pork!

See the true difference as highlighted on the special packaging of the natural and organic meat items located at every Festival Foods location. Just fresh, natural pork from the family farms of Farmland. It is U.S. source verified, with no added hormones, no antibiotic growth promoters, no artificial ingredients and minimally processed.

Stop by our meat service case and ask our meat experts more about the natural and organic products we carry everyday! 

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All Natural Gerber Poultry!

Festival Foods is proud to carry poultry from Gerber's Poultry, Inc., which produces and processes a truly all natural, antibiotic free chicken. From the day their eggs hatch until the day of processing, chickens at Gerber's are cared for on family-owned Amish

farms. At Gerber's, it's all about raising and feeding chickens the right and healthy way. You'll never find meat, bone or fish meal, bakery by-products, medicinal growth stimulants, antibiotics, hormones, or additives containing arsenic or arsenic compounds in feed and water programs at Gerber's.

Safe and healthy, a better diet really does mean better taste!   

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Seafood Glory!

At Festival Foods, we have a great selection of breaded and marinated seafood creations
including Bourbon Salmon, Orange Ginger Salmon, Crusted Tilapia, Sun Dried
Tomato Crusted Tilapia and Coconut Crusted Haddock. Plus, they're all flown in fresh,
never frozen.

Feeling a little adventurous? Festival Foods also offers exotic items such as Warmwater Lobster Tails, Swordfish Steaks and Yellow Fin Tuna.

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Fresh Flight Fish

Fresh seafood - from Shore to Store in 36 hours!  

Festival Foods has built a special relationship with Federal Express and three special fisheries in three strategic areas of the country - Alaska, Boston and Honolulu - to bring fresh fish direct from their  docks to our stores in about 36 hours. These geographically diverse partnerships ensure that you have the best possible fresh seafood at competitive prices all year long.  These companies were also chosen for their strict adherence to and support of sustainable fishing practices.

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